Clinical Research Innovation and Education Center Tohoku University Hospital

Clinical Research, Innovation and Education Center, Tohoku University Hospital

Tohoku University Hospital Clinical Research Center, as well as to support the research and development of the medical system, we will bridge to practical use in a clinical setting the results of basic research.

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Organization / Staff Description




Hiroaki Shimokawa, Professor portrait

Hiroaki Shimokawa, Professor

Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine
The role of CRIETO is not merely to advance the clinical research and trials conducted at Tohoku University Hospital, but also to broadly support life science R&D at Tohoku University from the planning stage to the execution stage and tie this in with clinical applications. I am hoping that CRIETO will collaborate in all these activities, and fulfill its mission as the core center of clinical research at Tohoku University and throughout the Tohoku region. We look forward to the cooperation and understanding of one and all.
Research and specialized area.
1. Ischemic heart disease and arteriosclerosis
2. Vascular biology (in particular the vascular endothelium)
3. Cardiac insufficiency and pulmonary hypertension
4. Development of leading-edge circulatory organ treatment (low power extracorporeal shock wave therapy, ultrasound wave angiogenesis therapy, etc.)
5. Large-scale clinical research (cardiac insufficiency, ischemic heart disease, etc.)

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Deputy Director,CRIETO / Department of Clinical Research Network

Masashi Aoki, Professor portrait

Masashi Aoki, Professor

Deputy Director, CRIETO / Director, Department of Clinical Research Network
Neurology, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine
We participate in the development of the “ Tohoku Translational Research Center Development Network (TTN)” in the Tohoku region, in the Academic Research Organization (ARO), a nationwide organization, the Clinical Research Promotion Council, a national university hospital, Clinical Research Core Hospital Liaison Conference, etc. ,and we are collaborating with the clinical trial promotion organizations of each academy.
Moreover, we intend to develop human resources that can work internationally, by constructing a network with overseas academies.
Research and specialized area.
Uncovering clinical conditions of rare diseases, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and distal myopathy. Performed the first-in-human trials for rare diseases at Tohoku University Hospital through investigator-initiated clinical trials, etc.

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Deputy Director,CRIETO

Toru Nakazawa, Professor portrait

Toru Nakazawa, Professor

Deputy Director, CRIETO
Ophthalmology and Visual Science, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine
We seek to advance clinical research at Tohoku University Hospital and stimulate R&D activities at Tohoku University as well as to become an institutional hub for departments/units within these two institutions, and for related facilities throughout the Tohoku region. We are also committed to serving as a translational bridge for the Advanced Research Center for Innovations in Next-Generation Medicine (INGEM) efforts to develop next-generation medicine based on systems of personalized medicine and prevention.
Research and specialized area.
Ophthalmology, neuronal protection and treatment, glaucoma, nano-ocular instillation, biomarker identification, regenerative medicine

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Deputy Director,CRIETO

Masahiro Saito, Professor portrait

Masahiro Saito, Professor

Depty Director, CRIETO
Operative Dentistry, Graduate School of Dentistry, Tohoku University
I am committed to strengthening CRIETO's research support structure to stimulate R&D aimed at practical application of results at Tohoku University Hospital, including clinical research and investigator-initiated trials. Furthermore, we nurture entrepreneurs aspiring to develop advanced medical technologies and promote R&D, within Tohoku University, of medical devices and drugs.
Research and specialized area.
Development of tooth regeneration therapy. In particular, R&D on scaffolds and cells aimed at investigator-initiated clinical trials for bone regeneration therapy. Also, development of dental therapy techniques with a view to whole body healthcare.

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Deputy Director,CRIETO / Department of Development Promotion

Koji Ikeda, Special Appointment Professor portrait

Koji Ikeda, Special Appointment Professor

Deputy Director,CRIETO / Director, Department of Development Promotion
CRIETO Tohoku University Hospital
The Department of Development Promotion is in charge of research seed consultation, progress management, and advising on non-clinical trials. It is the contact point regarding all research seeds for anyone who wishes to receive CRIETO support, whether or not he/she is from Tohoku University. Based on its understanding of the overview of research seeds and progress, the department liaises for research seeds receiving support. The most critical task when support is first provided to research seeds is supporting the establishment of development strategies.
Research and specialized area.
Regulatory science
Medical device development
Translational research

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Department for Bedside Solution Program

Atsuhiro Nakagawa, Special Appointment Professor portrait

Atsuhiro Nakagawa, Special Appointment Professor

Director, Department for Bedside Solution Program
CRIETO Tohoku University Hospital
We have been organizing the Academic Science Unit (ASU), infrastructure that enables medical and healthcare developers to identify bedside needs that have commercial potential. Over the last five years since its inception in 2014, we have accepted more than 1,200 corporate researchers in Tohoku University Hospital to find medical needs with the support of medical professionals. We also try to develop the way to create new value for the patients and medical professionals more speedy by educating more medical professional who can be liason for other fields including business and technology. We also try to accomodate emerging technology, such as augmented reality (AR) to medocal environment, changing way of our workstyle.
Research and specialized area.
Neurosurgery (traumatic brain injury)

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Department of International Affairs

Yuka Suzuki, Special Appointment Professor portrait

Yuka Suzuki, Special Appointment Professor

Director, Department of International Affairs
CRIETO Tohoku University Hospital
As medical technologies and economies become more globalized, it is increasingly important for Japan to pursue global development and markets for its innovative medical products and devices. A goal of the Department of International Affairs is to support the global development and practical applications of medical research seeds from universities, research institutes and industries throughout Japan as well as the Tohoku region. Specifically, we promote collaborations with overseas academic research organizations, investigate overseas regulatory practices and standards, seek global clinical trial opportunities, and provide advice and support for overseas expansion and development efforts. We assist academic units and domestic and foreign companies in these endeavors. Please contact us if you are interested in global development of your medical device or product.
Research and specialized area.
Regulatory Science
Development and International Activities (Medical Devices )

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Department of Intellectual Property

Yasuyuki Togoe, Special Appointment Professor portrait

Yasuyuki Togoe, Special Appointment Professor

Director, Department of Intellectual Property
CRIETO Tohoku University Hospital
The Department of Intellectual Property uncovers and isolates inventions relating to the various research seeds at CRIETO, and cooperates with the Tohoku University Office of Cooperative Research and Development here in implementing strategic acquisition, maintenance, and management of rights with a view to utilization inside and outside Japan. We also utilizes our intellectual property holdings to support technology transfer to enterprises, entrepreneurship, and other such activities as part of our commitment to providing powerful support for the practical application of all research seeds.
Research and specialized area.
Intellectual Property

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Department of Protocol Creation Support

Tadao Takano, Special Appointment Professor portrait

Tadao Takano, Special Appointment Professor

Director, Department of Protocol Creation Support
CRIETO Tohoku University Hospital
The Department of Protocol Creation Support offers consultation from the initial phase of research, questioning, and research planning. It collaborates actively with not only principal investigators but also relevant departments. It supports the creation of “good protocols”, which are of course in line with the laws and guidelines, and have taken into account their strategic nature, feasibility, and impact on results.
Research and specialized area.
Gynecological oncology
Clinical research

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Department of Clinical Trial Implementation / Department of Clinical Research Safety Management

Tomonori Ishii, Special Appointment Professor portrait

Tomonori Ishii, Special Appointment Professor

Director, Department of Clinical Trial Implementation, Director, Department of Clinical Research Safety Management
CRIETO Tohoku University Hospital
The Department of Clinical Trial Implementation is comprised of CRCs and staff of the Clinical Trial Secretariat. Its mission is to support the smooth implementation of all aspects of clinical trials, including research, and improve the quality of clinical trials. The department is committed to carrying out safe and high quality ethical and scientific clinical trials, as well as to simplify procedures to provide a “friendly” environment for all people involved in clinical trials, including patients, clients, and clinicians.
Research and specialized area.
Rheumatology, Clinical immunology

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Department of Information Policy

Takashi Shiroto, Specially Appointed Associate Professor portrait

Takashi Shiroto, Specially Appointed Associate Professor

Director, Department of Information Policy
CRIETO Tohoku University Hospital
The Department of Information Policy collects information regarding policies and budgets timely and shares them with all concerned immediately, through close communication with central government ministries and agencies and local authorities. The department also supports principal investigators in securing a budget for research and development through proper counseling.
Research and specialized area.
Cardiovascular medicine

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Department of Public Relations

Keiichi Jingu, Professor portrait

Keiichi Jingu, Professor

Director, Department of Public Relations
Radiation Oncology, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine
The mission for the department of Public Relations is to foster information sharing regarding clinical trials, as well as to promote the active pursuit of clinical research, development, and education programs as the hub of information within and outside CRIETO. By disseminating information from Tohoku University to the world, the department will promote and spread awareness regarding clinical research. As a bridge that translates research findings into social applications, the department engages in public relations activities that will promote this research area all across the globe.
Research and specialized area.
Radiotherapy for cancer, especially for intestinal cancer

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Department of Medical Informatics

Masaharu Nakayama, Professor portrait

Masaharu Nakayama, Professor

Director, Department of Medical Informatics
Disaster Medical Informatics, International Research Institute of Disaster Science, Tohoku University, Associate Director, Medical IT Center, Tohoku University Hospital
The Department of Medical Informatics contributes to the creation of systems to smoothly pursue clinical research. In concrete terms it builds clinical trial and clinical research support systems and databases, and establishes a collaboration platform for electronic medical records and other clinical department data. It enables the provision of data to clinicians without imposing any burden upon them, and eventually aims to prepare an environment “from bedside to bench and back to bedside” in which research results are returned to the appropriate parties as a matter of course.
Research and specialized area.
Medical informatics, Cardiovascular medicine

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PET Clinical Research Unit

Kei Takase, Professor portrait

Kei Takase, Professor

Director, PET Clinical Research Unit
Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine / Chief of Tohoku University Dispensary in CYRIC
The PET Clinical Research Unit is collaborating closely with the Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Pharmacy Research Department, and Radiation Protection and Safety Control Division of the Cyclotron and Radioisotope Center (CYRIC) on the Aobayama Campus, and the PET groups inside the university hospital (Diagnostic Radiology Department, Radiology Section, Pharmaceutical Department, etc.) to vigorously conduct clinical trials using PET molecular imaging.
Research and specialized area.
Diagnostic Radiology, Interventional Radiology

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Regenerative Medicine Unit

Masafumi Goto, Professor portrait

Masafumi Goto, Professor

Director, Regenerative Medicine Unit
United Centers for Advanced Research and Translational Medicine, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine
In the cell processing process in cell therapy, the utilization of the Cell Processing Center (CPC) is essential for securing safety and quality in the same way as when manufacturing pharmaceuticals. Via the operation and management of and provision of work assistance for GMP-compatible CPC, the Regenerative Medicine Unit provides support to researchers attempting to commercialize cutting-edge cell therapy and regenerative medicine.
Research and specialized area.
Cell transplantation therapies such as pancreatic islet transplantation and hepatocellular transplantation, etc.
Regenerative medicine

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Clinical Research QA Office

AKira Inoue, Professor portrait

AKira Inoue, Professor

Director, Clinical Research QA Office
Division of Palliative Medicine, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine
The purpose of the Clinical Research QA Office is to assure the quality of clinical trials including registration trial and clinical researches. As a department that is independent from CRIETO, we perform third-party audits to determine whether each clinical trial or clinical research is observing good clinical practice (GCP) and/or Ethical Guidelines for Medical and Health Research Involving Human Subjects, and study protocols, whether they are complying with relevant laws and regulations, whether appropriate systems have been created for them, and other such matters.
Research and specialized area.
Palliative Medicine , Clinical Oncology

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Clinical Research Data Center

Takuhiro Yamaguchi, Professor portrait

Takuhiro Yamaguchi, Professor

Director, Clinical Research Data Center
Biostatistics Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine
The Data Center supports investigators through various activities, including development of a protocol and case report forms (CRFs), registration and randomization of patients, project data management, central monitoring, statistical analysis, and report preparation. The Center manages quality control in order to maintain the reliability of clinical research findings.
Research and specialized area.
Clinical information management
Clinical research methodology

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