Clinical Research Innovation and Education Center Tohoku University Hospital

Clinical Research, Innovation and Education Center, Tohoku University Hospital

Tohoku University Hospital Clinical Research Center, as well as to support the research and development of the medical system, we will bridge to practical use in a clinical setting the results of basic research.

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The Objectives of CRIETO

The Objectives of CRIETO image

The objective of CRIETO is to aim for a practical application of results in life science R&D by conducting seamless support for basic research, translational research and clinical research and trials.
In particular, as well as providing developmental support for medical devices that are one of Tohoku University’s strengths, we will also provide developmental assistance for developing new drugs and new diagnostic and treatment methods addressing difficult, rare diseases and childhood diseases. Furthermore, we will conduct clinical trials in collaboration with university hospitals and municipal hospitals in the Tohoku region.

Role of CRIETO

  • Large-scale post-marketing research, support for the implementation of joint international research
  • Development of needs guidance at medical-engineering cooperation centers
  • Product development utilizing advanced technical skills and specialties
  • Development support that is conscious of the exit strategy
  • Support for intellectual property management and technology transfers
  • Securing ICH-GCP-compliant clinical trials system, ethics and credibility
  • Spread of and education in ICH-GCP-compliant clinical trials and implementation systems

“CRIETO” is read as “Ku-Ri-Ei-To.”

“CRIETO” is read as “Ku-Ri-Ei-To.” image

It is the acronym coined for the Clinical Research, Innovation and Education Center, Tohoku University Hospital. Pronounced in the same way as “create” in Japanese, CRIETO embodies the meaning of this word and is emblematic of what this center does: creates new medical technologies.

Concept of the Logo Mark

Two “C”s are shown in succession. The thin, elastic curve demonstrates CRIETO’s all-round approach of being able to adapt flexibly to a range of challenges. The six lines on the left side of the logo exemplify the mutual breakthroughs made between CRIETO and its partner Tohoku universities and medical institutions.

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